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Sonny E
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Background: 12/6/2018

Sonny E

Service Technician Team

Sonny E's Bio:

Soner is young, motivated, hard working individual. He grew up and went to school in Astoria, Queens NY. Soner always enjoyed working with his hands and tools which is why being in the garage door business is a day to day pleasure rather than just another day going to work. He loves to travel, seeing different countries, cultures, and meeting new people of the world . On his free time hes enjoys working on his project car and is mainly into the old school muscle cars. He has a rescue dog who he shares common interests with. They both love the great outdoors and love to spend time on a boat just cruising and fishing the Long Island sound. Soner finds great pleasure and satisfaction helping others. He enjoys challenges and likes to think that there are no problems but ONLY solutions.