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You can trust Precision Garage Door of Fairfield County CT's Professionally Trained Employees and we prove it...

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Service Technician Team

Brian B Background: 6/29/2017 Drug Test: 7/20/2015
Carlos O Background: 10/4/2017 Drug Test: 10/17/2017
Jared W Background: 3/24/2017 Drug Test: 3/22/2017
Jesse P Background: 11/2/2017 Drug Test: 10/26/2017
Julian V Background: 10/18/2017 Drug Test: 11/7/2017
Leo R Background: 6/26/2017 Drug Test: 4/1/2014
Luke S Background: 7/22/2016 Drug Test: 7/25/2016
Michael G Background: 10/5/2017 Drug Test: 10/30/2017
Michael P Background: 3/15/2018 Drug Test: 3/15/2018
Sonny E Background: 12/6/2018

Door Installation Team

Anthony B Background: 1/9/2018 Drug Test: 1/8/2018
Julian Z Background: 9/7/2017 Drug Test: 9/8/2017
Malik D Background: 3/20/2018 Drug Test: 3/19/2018


Rudy D Background: 9/5/2019 Drug Test: 9/4/2019

Warehouse Personnel

I've been in the garage door business for over ten years, and starting out I honestly had no idea how to evaluate my technicians, or what this process even entailed. Like a lot garage door companies, I didn't perform any background checks, perform employee drug tests, or any other checks. I was na